What to Expect

  • Learning and Performing 10 or more Songs. All genres and Vocal ranges.
  • Learning and Practising Natural Voice Technique.
  • Learning and Practising Warm Ups and Voice Exercises.
  • Focus on Individual abilities,skills, voice type and range,suitability of songs for Individual Voices.
  • Learning Phrasing,Lyrical study and Performance.
  • Developing  Musicality, understanding Musical genres,and Practical Application of these … Jazz,Musical theatre, pop.
  • Microphone technique and Practical Use.
  • Solo Voice critique and Guidance ,as much as possible.
  • Solo Performance ,as much as possible. Building Individual Confidence.

Elaine Hallam February 2019

Each Class begins with a Warm Up and Vocal Exercises – there is an emphasis on how to use your voice and breath correctly for speaking and singing. A new song is worked through at each class,with a huge variety of styles and genres covered:

  • Show Tunes
  • Standards
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Soul
  • Jazz and Blues
  • Country
  • Folk and Country
  • R&B
  • Gospell
  • Folk

Microphones are introduced during the Course and Mike Technique. During courses each class member is encouraged to sing in Small Groups, Duets and Individually. There is no pressure to Perform, but finding and hearing your own voice is encouraged. The Classes are not competitive, but friendly and relaxed.Critique and Individual guidance is offered.

It is not possible to give the same level of attention in classes, as in Private Tuition, but guidance and tips and re-enforcement of technique and confidence is offered to all.