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Singers and Songs is Unique!

Welcome to Singers & Songs!

Not a choir or choral group.  The emphasis with us is on your individual voice.  All the enjoyment and singing with individual attention and focus, without having to pay for expensive private classes!! You do not have to read music, all styles from the popular music catalogue and musical theatre. Opportunities to perform songs during each course. Use of microphones and mike technique and skills are part of each course too.

Established since 2006

Elaine Hallam – Founder and Teacher

Everyone has their own individual sound in their singing voice, as in their speaking voice. Everyone can enjoy singing. We cover all styles and genres of music, from the popular music catalogue. Often in a choir it is impossible to improve your own singing technique and style. We help you learn to support and use your voice correctly, breath correctly and how to sing with freedom, without any vocal damage.

People are welcome on the adult classes from 16-90 years .

We cover Rock, Pop, Country, Musicals, Jazz, Blues, Standards, Folk, Urban Music, R&B, Soul and Gospell.

Singers and Songs has grown organically, taking itself along and expanding by popular demand and interest. It has been a real joy to see just how many people love to sing, can sing, and can expand their musicality from beginning to end of each Course. At a time when life is so stressful in The UK these Classes are a lovely way of releasing stress through music, singing and songs.

Many real friendships and associations have formed in each group also. A room of smiling, friendly and supportive faces, all shouting “lovely, see you next week, what are we singing?” at the end of each session, is so rewarding.

All tutors are  experienced, trained professional singers and performers, with full C.V’s and varied musical backgrounds.
Equity , M.U. etc