Background – The Story So Far!

Singers and Songs has been established since September 2006 in Thames Ditton, Surrey. has grown from one course with twelve participants, to classes in Long Ditton, Kingston-Upon-Thames, Richmond, Esher, Surbiton, Wimbledon and Hampton Hill. There are daytime and evening Classes.

Each Class now has between twelve and and eighteen participants. Classes are all levels, from Beginners to Intermediate.

Publicity has been mostly through extremely positive word of mouth and there are waiting lists for each Course. There are 3 courses a year are offered, each of ten weeks, following the School Term Dates (with Breaks for Half–Term). New Year, Autumn and Summer Term. The Courses offer an Introduction and development of Voice and Singing Technique, with a warm up and improvement schedule at the Start of each Class.

The aim is to allow people to find or improve their own Singing Voice and use it correctly and to enjoy singing in a Stress Free friendly, supportive, relaxed and stimulating environment. To also enjoy the theraputic and social aspects of singing. This is not a Choir or Choral set up, but many Choir members come to enjoy developing their own skills.

In 2006 a lovely lady called Eileen Brunst put up on little card in Health Club Noticeboard asking if anyone could help her sing a little for fun! From that card, Singers and Songs has developed. It seems that, like Eileen, many people have always wanted to sing and have never had the opportunity and the right circumstances to do it in. There are also those people who have sung in their lives, in Amateur Theatre, in Church, at School, in the bathroom or kitchen, or in one way or another professionally. People from all walks of life, doctors, teachers, care workers, mums, dads, students, from the age of 16 to 77 have joined the courses so far.

Many people join to take part in the therapy that singing provides. Singing has huge health benefits.

Singing for Fun!
Learning to Sing!