I had previously been a member of a community choir, which I loved. I decided to try singersandsongs because I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone and build my confidence in solo singing.

It is a wonderful class, Elaine’s constructive feedback has helped me build on my strengths whilst also working on my weaker areas.

The Group setting means it is also huge fun.

You couldn’t meet a nicer bunch of people. “Join if you get the chance”!

Archie Quddus

Elaine creates an informal, welcoming and relaxed atmosphere, putting everyone at ease. There is a wide choice of material, so that there are songs for everyone to enjoy. If you have always thought that you would like to sing, this is your opportunity to learn technique and to have fun finding your voice. I have been coming to Elaine’s Courses since they began, and always go home with a smile on my face.

Jill Wilkins

Thank you for making my dream of singing come true! This unique set up is the perfect opportunity for anyone to join in, no matter what their particular motivation. I have sung solo on a Mike, something I never thought I could do!

Isabella - Wimbledon Summer Course

It is an inspiring, encouraging and supportive environment. Most of us began tentatively and shy but by end of term without exception we were happily singing solo confidently and unselfconsciously! I’ve been to many groups and have watched incredible progression from so many different backgrounds. It has been lovely to see the growth in confidence and the change and enjoyment it has brought to people’s lives. I look forward to going, it is a highlight of each week, I miss the endorphin release in the holidays!

Sandy - Kingston

Friendly and relaxed your classes are. I think one of the most valuable things you have told your classes is something that I’ve always believed anyway, and that is “Singing isn’t all about power or decibels. You must have encouraged countless people with those few words.

Alan Middleditch